Turkey Black Bean Chili

Turkey black bean chili

Here is an easy Instant Pot turkey black bean chili recipe. I used ground turkey and black beans instead of ground beef and kidney beans, for a healthier version of my regular Instant Pot gluten free chili. The turkey makes it slightly healthier and I felt the black beans compliment the turkey better than kidney … Read more

Instant Pot Cheese and Broccoli soup

Instant Pot cheese and broccoli soup

When I started this recipe it was macaroni and cheese in the Instant Pot. I really wanted it to be more of a complete meal that could be eaten in a bowl. I do love one bowl meals and I knew this could become one with a little help. So, I started to think of … Read more

Easy Gluten Free Fudge

easy gluten free fudge

My feeling is that, if I’m going to bring something to a party, I’m going to make sure it’s something my family can eat. When someone says, “bring dessert” this may not be so easy. Gluten free families don’t necessarily have the option of running to the store and picking up something that will be … Read more