Gluten Free at Citifield

Last week my family got to go to Citifield to see the Mets play. Yes, we are all Mets fans….sorry Yankees. My son had asked for tickets to the game so that we could hear his friend sing the national anthem. She was amazing and we were all very impressed. I had heard that they had a gluten free food stand there so I thought I’d use this opportunity to find out a little more. The idea of getting real gluten free food at the ballpark was very exciting to both me and my family, but it sounded very expensive. We were pleasantly surprised with what we found.


World's Fare Market at Citifield
World’s Fare Market at Citifield
Gluten free stand at Citifield
Gluten free stand at Citifield

I had a little trouble finding the actual stand and had to ask a stadium worker for directions. He pointed me in the direction of the World’s Fare Market and inside I found the Hain Celestial stand which advertised “gluten free, better-for-you, organic food”, so I thought hmm…….expensive?!? As I looked for a menu I noticed it looked as if it was unmanned so I also looked around for a server. I finally found someone to help me in the stand next door. To be fair, the Mets are having a pretty bad season and the stands were pretty empty so I could see management having a slightly reduced staff. So the server pointed out the menu to me as he changed his gloves (good) and I noticed the prices really weren’t as bad as I thought they would be (even better). As you can see from the picture, the prices were pretty reasonable, for stadium food, of course.

Gluten Free menu at Citifield
Gluten free menu at Citifield

What to order?

We had already eaten dinner in the car, just in case, so no one was starving. We decided to try a variety of things so I ordered one hotdog and one hamburger, both on gluten free buns. They also had fruit for $2 apiece. I was a little disappointed that the fryer wasn’t set up for French fries. Now THAT would have been amazing! As you can see from the picture of the menu, they also had turkey burgers and tortilla chips. I almost bought the tortilla chips but I knew with the Pico de Gallo and guacamole, I’d probably be the only one eating them, so I passed. The other options were basically packages of things you could buy at the grocery store so I didn’t bother trying them out.

prepackaged gluten free choices at Citifield
prepackaged gluten free choices at Citifield

Waiting for my order

So as I waited for my food to be cooked I looked around at the other stands in that “health food” area. I found some grilled chicken salads that seemed like they might be gluten free but when I asked the girl behind the counter she said no they definitely were not. Well, ok, maybe there was some kind of marinade on the chicken. Too bad, I could see that being a really good healthy option. The stand on the other side seemed to be a sushi place. There were probably some gluten free options there but I don’t like sushi and really had no idea what I was looking at. I also found Redbridge beer in a cooler in the middle of the area. There was no price listed anywhere, but when I asked the cashier how much they were he said, “$13.50.” That seemed reasonable……again for STADIUM prices.
Once my order was finished I went to look for condiments. I found them just outside the area but before the cashier. It was nice that they had something more than just mustard and ketchup but being that this was outside the area reserved for gluten free food I’d be nervous that the items in the bins were cross contaminated so I just took the ketchup from the canister.

How does it taste?

We ended up being very happy with the taste of our food. I personally thought the hamburger was the best I’ve had in a while. After a week at Disney with buns that fell apart almost as soon as you started eating them, this bun was a great surprise. It was moist and fluffy and stayed together until the last bite. I wish I had asked what brand they use. My son thought the hotdog wasn’t that great but I think he’s just not used to that type of hotdog. We usually eat Sabrett’s and this seemed more like a Nathan’s hotdog. My husband and other son loved it. I thought it was ok, but not as good as the hamburger.

gluten free hamburger and hot dog at Citifield
gluten free hamburger and hot dog at Citifield

What else is there?

In addition to the gluten free stand there are a few other places that have gluten free snack options. Of course, there’s always popcorn and I saw a small cart offering Minute Maid ices in lemon and strawberry flavors. Ultimately, we settled on soft serve ice cream in vanilla and chocolate flavors. At first, we were going to get them at the regular stand that sells everything but then the cashier said we could find it cheaper at the Mr. Softee stand, since we were only buying ice cream and nothing else.

Mr. Softee at Citifield
Mr. Softee at Citifield


That sounded great, so we headed over there. We had checked out the sprinkles at the first place and had assumed (I know, bad idea!) that they would be fine here also. Luckily, at the last-minute, I noticed that they were dipping the cones into the sprinkles. I was able to catch our server before she contaminated everything and we stayed safe.
Overall I was very happy with our gluten free experience at Citifield. I think next time we might even skip dinner. Have any of you ever eaten gluten free at Citifield? Let me know about your experiences on my Facebook page.

gluten free at Citifield

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