Raglan Road Gluten Free Review: My Disney Trip Part 3

So here is part 3 of my Disney trip review. On the third night, we ate at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. The owners of Raglan Road are actually Irish and the chefs come from Dublin. As soon as you enter the establishment you get a proper Irish feel….dark wood, Irish music in the background and beer on tap. Starting at noon they have entertainment on the main stage including Irish dancers from Riverdance and talented bands performing great Irish tunes. I wouldn’t go there for a quiet romantic dinner but it was perfect for a large group ready to have some fun. I have to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. The entertainment was so good, I was completely distracted and everyone started eating before I was able to snap pictures.

Should we book it?

Raglan Road doesn’t have an allergy menu and they are not owned by Disney. This would have normally made me very nervous but while making reservations for the whole family, remember there were 9 of us (eight gluten free), my niece said we absolutely MUST go here because the food was fabulous! I even had my parents stop by the restaurant while they were on a trip to Florida, around St. Patrick’s Day. They made the mistake of asking if they had corned beef and cabbage on the menu. The polite reply was,”no, that’s and American Irish thing.” My parents were disappointed, but I should have warned them about that ahead of time. The person they spoke with also told them that the chef is very accommodating and that they had dedicated gluten free fryers (woohoo!). I still was a little concerned so I did some  extra research and found that there were mostly all good things written about the restaurant so I went ahead and booked it.



Raglan Road Menu
Raglan Road Menu

As I said, Raglan Road doesn’t have an allergy menu but they still did an excellent job at accommodating our needs. As soon as we told the waitress we had multiple food allergies, she went to get the chef. None of us ordered any alcohol but I did notice Red Bridge beer was on the menu. When the chef came out he basically told us he could do just about anything on the regular menu with some modifications. Everyone was very excited about the fried onion rings, especially my niece. After perusing the menu, most of us ordered the Serious Steak, a 10 oz sirloin with mashed potatoes, battered onion rings and whiskey peppercorn sauce. I think most of us got it because it came with onion rings. Personally, I was looking forward to proper Irish mashed potatoes. There is nothing like really good homemade mashed potatoes. I rarely get them at home because they’re such a pain to make and the rest of my family prefers mashed potatoes from flakes (yuck, I know, I don’t know where they come from!). My son ordered the Burger ‘R’ Way. It was topped with bacon, chutney and Dubliner cheddar. He really enjoyed it and the onion rings that came on the side. My Mother-in-law ordered the pan seared north Atlantic cod with lemon and herb crushed potatoes, garden peas with tomato and caper butter sauce and although she doesn’t usually like peas, she thought the whole meal was delicious.

Raglan Road Onion Rings
Raglan Road Onion Rings

My sister-in-law and niece ordered the gluten free fish and chips. They said it was the best they had ever tasted. All of the fried food was warm and crispy and the batter fried up light and fluffy. As for the mashed potatoes, they were delicious with just the right amount of lumps so that you know they’re homemade.


There was no question what we were ordering for dessert. As soon as we all heard that chocolate flourless torte was on the menu, the choice was clear. Eight tortes were ordered. Although they weren’t as chocolatey as the ones from Mama Melrose’s (my favorite), they were very good. The dollop of cream and berries was a nice touch.

Raglan Road Gluten Free Chocolate Torte
Raglan Road Gluten Free Chocolate Torte


Overall dinner at Raglan Road was delicious. No one had any gluten problems. Just remember if you’re not used to eating a lot of fried foods don’t overdo the delicious onion rings, no matter how great they taste.



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A Gluten Free Review Of Raglan Road


6 thoughts on “Raglan Road Gluten Free Review: My Disney Trip Part 3”

  1. Great review! It’s hard to eat out with food allergies or intolerance, so it’s always nice to find restaurants that work!

  2. I did not know That Disney had restaurants not owned by Disney on their parks. It looks like a nifty place to stop and dine. Thanks for sharing.

    • They have a few but most of them are not as good with food issues as the Disney owned ones. This was definitely an exception. Thanks for the comment.


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