Instant Pot Cheese and Broccoli soup

When I started this recipe it was macaroni and cheese in the Instant Pot. I really wanted it to be more of a complete meal that could be eaten in a bowl. I do love one bowl meals and I knew this could become one with a little help. So, I started to think of other things I could add to the pot such as vegetables and ground meat. After much tweaking and input from my family it has turned into Instant Pot cheese and broccoli soup. I’ve also included a variation that adds some protein in the form of ground turkey but then I think you could call it something other than cheese and broccoli soup.
I don’t claim that this is any kind of healthy soup but it is yummy! If you need it to be healthier you could definitely add more chunks of broccoli and switch the whole milk with skim milk. I wouldn’t recommend swapping out the cheese unless you are prepared for the soup not to be as creamy.

*This was cooked in an 8qt Instant Pot but I’ve scaled down the recipe so that it should work in a 6qt also. If you are cooking it in a 6qt pot do not change the cooking times.

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